Introducing Cobra McJingleballs


You may know Justin Murdock as the 38-year-old Dole pineapple heir who once got in a fistfight with Brandon Davis and reportedly dated Avril Lavigne. But Murdoch has another identity entirely: Cobra McJingleballs. That’s the alter ego that former employee Carissa Schumacher says he insisted she set up for him on Facebook. Schumacher, who also alleges that Murdock told her “You look like a whore” and “What you need is a good pounding,” claims that the page for McJingleballs features pictures of actors in blackface and men dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes. The hateful Facebook page is no longer live on the website, which is too bad — we are having a lot of trouble imagining that anybody named Cobra McJingleballs could be anything but jolly!

Sex harass suit filed against Dole scion [Page Six/NYP]