Is This Choreographer Madonna’s New Boyfriend?


Brahim Rachiki, a 33-year-old choreographer, is now dating Madonna, “Page Six” reports. The two met when Rachiki choreographed Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour, and since Jesus Luz is allegedly out of the picture, Rachiki and Madonna have already been spotted making out at Manhattan nightclubs SL and Sullivan Room, after dancing for hours. According to the Post, Rachiki wasn’t Madonna’s initial pick for New Boyfriend: “She was reported to be looking to replace Luz with Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac, star of ‘Che,’ and earlier this year showed an interest in ‘A Single Man’ actor Jon Kortajarena, whom she met at his premiere.” This makes sense: When you are Madonna, you don’t just meet a guy at a bar and call it a night, apparently, but essentially ask for his heart in exchange for the heap of press and attention he’ll be receiving. Not that this doesn’t sound like true love.

Madonna has a new young boy toy [Page Six/NYP]