Jay Townsend Tries to Paladino-ize Chuck Schumer


Hey, remember that really exciting race between Democratic senator Chuck Schumer and Republican Jay Townsend? No? Well, the two candidates held a debate yesterday — not because anyone really cared, but because of, you know, democracy. So what do you do when, like Townsend, you’re down in the polls by over 30 percent? Maybe try to turn Schumer into the new Carl Paladino, based on the time he called a flight attendant a “bitch” behind her back?

Well, yes, that happened, and it wasn’t nice, but we’re not sure this single private comment overheard by a House Republican aide sitting nearby and leaked to Politico quite propels Schumer to Paladino levels of rage and vulgarity. Either way, this debate that nobody watched last night is sure to have zero impact on the race. Or is it?

Townsend spends debate needling Schumer [Capital Confidential/Times Union]