Jimmy McMillan Reacts to SNL Parody: ‘Election Over’


After stealing the show at the Hofstra University gubernatorial debate a week ago, Jimmy McMillan became an instant celebrity. But forget the flood of newspaper articles and national TV interviews that followed. The real indication of his newfound prominence was getting parodied on SNL during "Weekend Update" on Saturday night.

Was McMillan insulted? Far from it. It doesn't escape him that SNL was mocking him, albeit it lightheartedly and perhaps adoringly. (Sample line: "People got 7 jobs, they're working 36 hours a day, 12 days a week, and they can't afford a roof!") But he doesn't mind. In fact, he's ebullient.

"This is the kind of publicity that mostly I didn't have, because I don't have the money of Paladino or Andrew Cuomo .... I looked at it, it was funny, but the message was on point: Rent is too damn high. Those who never read the Daily News or watch Wendy Williams or listen to Oprah's radio show or watch the Late Edition [Ed: The Last Word?] on MSNBC, they watch Saturday Night Live. Now they know who I am, and I look at it like that, they can treat me any way they want to treat me, any way to get the message out there."

The publicity from SNL is so huge, in fact, that it's basically sealed his victory. "Election over. Jimmy gonna win it," he tells us. "That put me over the top. It's over. This election is over."