DioGuardi: Voters Could ‘Get Whiplash’ Watching Gillibrand’s Opinions Change


During a debate last night, GOP hopeful Joe DioGuardi accused New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand of shilling for Big Tobacco as a lawyer, so in turn Gillibrand expressed “serious questions” over reports that federal regulators were investigating DioGuardi’s ties to “a Madoff-style $1.7 billion Ponzi scheme” that DioGuardi insisted he was merely “a bit player” in. Not to be outdone, DioGuardi said Gillibrand “was actually the architect of everything that Phillip Morris did to try to hide the fact that cigarettes cause cancer” (she called this “fantasy” and pointed out that DioGuardi was an accountant for tobacco companies), and in response to Gillibrand shifting left on gun control and immigration, he said she “sounded like Annie Oakley, and now she’s somebody different,” adding that that voters “could get whiplash” watching her policies change. So long as they kept the fight above the belt. [NYP]