Joe Miller: Alaska Dispatch Editor ‘Followed Me Into the Restroom’


Just now on Fox News, would-be Alaska senator Joe Miller claims that part of the reason his private security team “arrested” Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hapfinger at an event last night was that Hapfinger was “doing things in an unruly way.” From a Fox transcript of his conversation with Neil Cavuto:

I am leaving and this guy is just hounding me. He was right in front of me, blocking the way I was going. He was just really being a real pain. He was asked to leave, asked to get out of the way. He asked about the Fairbanks North Star Borough thing, I answered one question. He kept at it. I ended up turning around, going the other way. After I left the building, the security team the contract required us to have there ended up arresting him because he pushed one of their individuals.”

Meanwhile, for a taste of how aggressive both journalists and security-team members were acting that night, check out the Washington Monthly’s video taken shortly after Hapfinger’s “arrest.” We’re beginning to suspect that Alaska may generally be quite a bit more frosty than we had originally suspected.