Karl Rove Is Pissed at Barack Obama


So, the Obama administration is convinced that the GOP, including Karl Rove, and the Chamber of Commerce funded a deluge of midterm-election ads with money from undisclosed foreign corporations. Yesterday, a Times piece questioned whether that practice is "improper, or even unusual," but this morning on Face the Nation, White House senior adviser David Axelrod said hell yeah it is:

"Why not simply disclose where this money is coming from? And then all of these questions’ll be answered. These interest groups … are now the major force in some of these campaigns … This issue of this special-interest spending is very important. It’s never happened before, that organizations are spending this kind of money."

So, the White House is running a new ad this week that dubs Karl Rove and Republican strategist Ed Gillespie "Bush cronies," and calls the Chamber of Commerce "shills for big business." In response, with a sneer visible even via e-mail, Rove told Politico: "It is sad to see the president diminish his office by these baseless attacks. Even the truth doesn't restrain him when it comes to assaulting his enemies list." Thus, Karl Rove is pissed. The ad's running anyway. Till next time!

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