Kristin Davis’s Wall Street Background Helped Make Her Who She Is Today


In the current climate, many political candidates are choosing to play down their ties to Wall Street. Not Kristin Davis, the former madam turned gubernatorial candidate, who got her start in the back office of a California hedge fund. "My hedge fund experience most definitely helped prepare me for everything I've encountered in life," she proudly tells Absolute Return + Alpha today. And she's not just talking about the prevalence of aberrant sexual fetishes.

"My boss used to say, 'under promise, over deliver.' I carry that saying with me now because most people underestimate me because of the way I look, and I realize it makes it easy for me to overdeliver because the expectations are so low.

That's a slogan-worthy saying if we ever heard one. Vote Kristin: There's no way she'll be as bad as she seems!

“Manhattan Madam” touts her hedge fund experience in race for governor [Absolute Return + Alpha]