Latest Victim of Bedbug Bloodsucking: New York City’s Tourism Industry


After sightings at the Empire State Building, Bloomingdale’s, and Lincoln Center, some fearful tourists are canceling their holiday vacation plans to New York, which could cut into the city’s $30 billion tourism industry. Wait, you guys thought we were serious about the summer-of-bedbugs business? Ha! No no no, we were just, uh, channeling Woody Allen, one of the many famous bedbug buffets New Yorkers you’ll run into in this fair city. Then why won’t we sit on the wooden benches in the subway or pick up that perfectly good chair off the street? Just, you know, trying to get in some exercise and practice Zen and the art of minimalism. That’s us, very evolved — and toned! — we could teach you a thing or two. You should definitely still swing by. Yup, nothing to worry about here. [Canadian Press]