Lauren Santo Domingo Helps End the Party for One Playboy Doctor


Dr. Joseph Mirakhor is a young, hard-working emergency-medicine specialist at New York Hospital Queens. Mirakhor, evidently, really likes to blow off some steam at the end of the workday, to the extent that it had him booted from the $5 million loft at 31 West 21st Street that he rents for $12,000 a month. Twice. (First he was told to get out by December, and then, after throwing even more parties, he was told to leave immediately.) Perhaps she was just pissed she wasn't invited, but Vogue editor and preeminent socialite Lauren Santo Domingo led the cause to get Mirakhor booted from the building, complaining about his 'round-the-clock, model-heavy parties and even showing up at a courtroom last week to watch Mirakhor be refused a request for a 48-hour period to pack before exiting his apartment. So what was this man doing in there, exactly?

Doreen J. Fischman, the lawyer for the loft's owner, Sam Hamadeh, told [the Post]: "After hearing the horrendous activities that took place in the apartment, the court appropriately denied his motion to stay and for the landlord to go ahead with the eviction. His parties have gone on incessantly . . . Tenants came to testify because there have been people coming out of these parties drunk at all hours. They fear for their safety."

"Horrendous activities?" Hmmm. In any case, he was being obnoxious enough to make the building's tenants and the apartment's actual owner hate him. Mirakhor now plans to fight this injustice:

"Since when is it against the law to host dinner soirees with friends who happen to be some of New York's leading socialites? The landlord and tenants have blown this out of proportion as a smear campaign against me, and I intend to fight these allegations vigorously."

For those interested in fighting the good fight for the right to party in a $5 million loft with friends you believe to be "New York's leading socialites," meet the face of your movement.

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