Proof That Steve Jobs Was Once a More Humble Man


Witness Steve Jobs’s business card, from back when he still went by Steven. The card features a less illustrious title than the often bombastic Apple co-founder was entitled to give himself at the time. Mozilla Labs head Pascal Finette, who took the photo, does note the sophisticated typography and embossed Apple logo, however. (Patrick Bateman would be so jealous.) Finette told Intel that his colleague, Richard Milewski, found the card in a stash of old stuff the other day. Jobs gave it to him in 1979, along with an early Apple II (with a serial number in the 5000s), when he was trying to get Milewski to develop software for the machine that would help popularize the idea of a personal computer. At the time, Jobs was still six years away from being fired from Apple by the man he hired to become the company’s new CEO. Wonder what Steve’s calling card looked like when he came back to the fold in 1996 after Apple paid him $429 million for the company he built during his exile. That card was probably more of a Zuckerberg original.

Steve Jobs Apple VP Business Card, Circa 1979 [ObamaPacMan]