Man’s Boss Really Excited About This Text-Messaging Thing


It may be true that it takes older people longer to grasp new technology, but it is equally true that once they get used to it a feverish enthusiasm takes hold of them and they cannot be stopped. Last night, a JPMorgan banker told CNBC's John Carney about his boss's recent discovery of texting. "He's just in communication all day long now," he said. "There is no peace!" Most aggravatingly, the man reported, "He ends every text with 'lol.' It's like he thinks it is the 'sincerely' of texting," he said. Some examples:

"I am eating breakfast nearby. Let's meet at 10. lol."

"Take any bids under 14. Lol."

"Headed to Virginia. My aunt died. Lol."

We don't think he's misunderstanding the meaning of lol. Clearly, he's just really excited about this new thing! Soon, he'll be blogging for the Huffington Post.

New Hazard: Your Boss Uses SMS Texting. Lol. [CNBC]