Marty Thomas Definitely Did Not Get Crabs From a Puppet


Being a Broadway star in shows like Wicked and Xanadu isn’t entirely the gay fantasia you may imagine it to be: There are real hardships involved. Like, for example, getting stalked by teenage girls. Or, as blond actor/singer Marty Thomas experienced this year, having to read tweets about your personal life that imply unsavory things about you and … puppets. “Which Avenue Q cast member gave Marty Thomas crabs?” asked unnamed tweeter bwayanonymous last month. OMG, now we’re dying to know! Was it Kate Monster? Gary Coleman? No, no, wait, we’ve got this one. The Bad Idea Bears! Mrs. Thistletwat!

Actually, it turns out, none of those fictional characters gave Thomas an STD, because according to him, he’s never even had an STD. Thomas is suing Twitter to reveal the identity of bwayanonymous so he can pursue legal action against him or her. (He suspects it is a teenage stalker.) As for us, we’ve still got our eye on you, Thistletwat.

Broadway star of ‘Xanadu’ and ‘Wicked’ Marty Thomas sues to reveal Twitter poster behind STD claim [NYDN]