More Than a Third of Likely Midterm Voters Support the Tea Party


According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, supporters of the party whose platform shall remain nameless now make up 35 percent of the voters that are likely to turn out November 2nd. That’s only 8 percent less than Democrats likely to show up and 15 percent less than Republicans, who are up two points to 50 percent of likely midterm voters. (Tea Party supporters overlap with the two major parties, but guess which one they lean more toward?) The robust Tea Party numbers are an inspiration to Constitutional neophytes and fearless identifiers of Asians masquerading as Latinos everywhere. Good thing this very legitimate non-circus isn’t distracting anyone from the possibility that Republican turn-out means the GOP could pickup “52 or 53 House seats,” just a few more than the net gain of 39 seats they need to control the chamber.

GOP in Lead in Final Lap [WSJ]