Original Goldbug Mr. T Rates the Metal a Sell


Forget John Paulson, David Einhorn, and all of the other big-money Johnny-come-latelies who have been amassing gold lately. To really understand what’s driving the precious metal to all-time highs and get a true perspective on its trajectory, you need to talk to someone who has been following the commodity for a long time. Someone like Mr. T., who has been collecting gold since 1977, he tells Pimm Fox on what is probably the best day of the Bloomberg TV anchor’s life. “When I was little I used to adore gold,” he says. “It was something special. You know, the Incas or the Mayans, they said gold was the sweat from the sun, or the tears, you know? Jesus and Moses days and the Ark of the Covenant … the wings of the angels, the holy of the holiest … it’s gold. Gold was special. Gold was the gift the three wise men brought to Jesus! Frankincense and myrrh and gold.” And now? “I’m about to tell other people it’s time to sell.”