Nobody Wants to Say That Sarah Palin Is Qualified to Be President


Sarah Palin sure has some fair-weather friends. In Alaska, when Joe Miller was still a nobody, Palin’s endorsement put him on the map and pushed him to a primary victory over incumbent senator Lisa Murkowski. Now it’s the general election, and Miller has to appeal to a broader audience than the GOP diehards who vote in primaries. So when he was asked point-blank this week whether Palin is qualified to be president, he merely acknowledged that she’s constitutionally eligible.

In Delaware, Palin endorsed Christine O’Donnell five days before her primary bid against well-respected Mike Castle, who was widely seen as the favorite to win. But now O’Donnell needs to steal moderates away from Democrat Chris Coons to have any chance at another upset in November. So when O’Donnell was asked on CNN last night whether Palin is qualified to be president, she replied, “Is she running for president? Again, hypothetical.”

Guess what’s going to happen now, besides Todd Palin sending a sassy e-mail to Christine O’Donnell. Reporters are going to start asking every prominent Republican with electoral ambitions whether they think Palin is qualified to be president, hoping for another awkward dodge. Any such dodges, along with those of Miller and O’Donnell, will be reported in the media and contribute to the erosion of whatever viability Pain has as a presidential candidate. Palin has her friends Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell to thank for that.

Et Tu, Christine?! O’Donnell Won’t Say Whether Sarah Palin Is Ready For Presidency [TPM DC]