NYPD Officers Come Up With New Slur to Harass Gay Queens Cop


A gay Queens detective is suing the NYPD for being targeted by his fellow officers after complaining about relentless homophobia on the job, including sending a list of cops who attended a gay officers’ conference to every precinct. The detective, who filed the suit as a “John Doe,” said he was singled out after he reported being harassed by cops from the 103rd precinct in Queens. They wrote “PO snitch” on his locker and charged him with illegally duplicating his patrolman’s shield when his dad, an ex-cop, wanted to use it on a plaque marking his son’s promotion. But the truly creative abuse of power came at the Internal Affairs investigation where, the suit claims, a sergeant placed two apples near his crotch and taunted the cop by calling him a “meat gazer.” It’s heartening to hear that the people charged with investigating the recent wave of gay bashing aren’t using that as an excuse to get complacent with their slurs. Way to take the high road on the pun on fruity.

Gay cop says NYPD made his life a living hell [NYDN]