Obama and Biden Ain’t Too Proud to Beg in Cleveland


The president capped off a two-day road trip — to Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Chicago — with a speech at Cleveland State University. Biden joined him, because Democrats really have made clear that it would be a unique disaster if Ohio governor Ted Strickland were to lose to former representative John Kasich. (See: Swing states, 2012.) “All we need now is to keep this momentum going,” the vice-president said. “We’re starting to get out of this god-awful mess the Republican Party left us with.”

The visits to big urban centers are a reminder that Democrats won’t know the extent of the bloodbath until late Tuesday — rallying the base in dense cities, maybe to the point that polling stations are forced to stay open later, is at the core of their keep-the-Senate strategy.

In Ohio, President Obama makes last pitch [Politico]