Obama Hugs Rahm, Embarrasses Self and Country


A hug can signify many things: hello, good-bye, welcome, no hard feelings about that dead fish. But when President Obama bid Rahm Emanuel farewell with a syrupy “big, fat, full-bore hug” Friday, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow knew how the world would interpret the gesture: as a sign of weakness. Kudlow recognized that “fraternity-like emotionalism” and “collegiate squeeze” from his college days, when a haze of books and beers provided sufficient cover for this kind of aberrant, homosocial behavior. But remember, he warns, “This is on global television. And it has to do with the very top of the United States government. Our friends and enemies were all watching.” What would show them that America means business? “Why not just a dignified, stand-up, serious handshake” like the Gipper, suggests Kudlow. A pansy-ass handshake? Sounds like someone needs to put on their “man pants” and come up with a better solution.

A Hug Too Far: Obama-Emanuel Embrace Is a Sign of Weakness
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