Orange Lamborghini Spotted in East Village Now Has Its Own Twitter


On Thursday, Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley tweeted, “There’s nothing more out of place than an orange Lamborghini in the East Village.” We’re sure there’s enough money floating around that place for some of its studiously casual residents to afford one, but stylistically, he makes a good point. Local blog EV Grieve followed up with photographic evidence from one of its readers. Our own intrepid observer, Intel Chris, spotted the same vehicle: “It stopped and the driver opened and shut the door — I think a seat belt was stuck or something — which was hilarious because it has those bird-wing doors that open upwards.” And now, the incongruous beast has its own Twitter account, EVLambo. Its bio: “You see me rollin’, you hatin’.”

And now, visual confirmation of the orange Lamborghini [EV Grieve via Dennis Crowley]