Politico to Offer Subscription Service


In an announcement presumably timed to steal the National Journal’s thunder on the day of their relaunch, Politico executive editor Jim Vandehei told the Times that his news organization would be launching a subscription news service that would offer granular coverage of Congress, federal agencies, and trade associations. It will initially focus on health care, technology, and energy, and the price will start at $1,495 a year, with each subsequent topic costing an extra grand.

The move builds on their current sources of cash flow, which mainly come from advocacy groups and lobbyists in the print edition, and ad space on their morning newsletters. (In April, the Times reported that ad space in Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook, which had about 25,000 readers at the time, cost $15,000 a week.)

Politico, Seeing a Market Need, Adds a Paid News Service