Latest Defector From the Obama Camp: Presidential Seal Falls Off Podium During Speech


Expressing its distaste with two years of compromise and failure to support progressive values, Obama’s presidential seal exited the podium yesterday in the middle of a speech at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, falling down with a noisy series of thuds. It’s no wonder, really. Biden thinks Afghanistan could be another Vietnam, Rahm’s campaigning with the fishes, the midterms spell doom for the Democrats, and you thought the seal was gonna stick around for that? Oh, no no, my friend. Obama rebounds quickly, charming the audience with the right balance of unflappable amusement, sympathy for the guy backstage who’s getting fired later, and manly confidence (“That’s all right. All of you know who I am”) in such high demand these days. But is it enough to make the seal come crawling back?

Obama’s presidential seal falls off podium during speech [Russia Today via Politico Playbook]