Rand Paul Head-Stomper Identified


The Rand Paul supporter who stomped on a 23-year-old MoveOn.org volunteer’s head outside the Kentucky senatorial debates last night has been identified. His name is Tim Profitt. He’s Rand Paul’s Bourbon County Coordinator, and his endorsement was highlighted at the bottom of a full-page ad in today’s Lexington Herald Leader. Profitt apologized, but told the AP that the camera angle made it look worse than it was. Right, he was probably just trying to stroke her hair with the bottom of his shoe. Profitt also blamed the police for not stepping in. Kentucky politics blog Blue Bluegrass unearthed pictures of Mike Pezzano, the Tea Party gun advocate who pulled Lauren Valle down to the curb and held her head in place. He was wearing a button with the Gadsden flag on it, a symbol adopted by the Tea Party that says, “Don’t tread on me.” The photograph doesn’t capture the inscription on the back of the button, but we believe it read, “But I will hold you down and let my friend tread on you.”

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Republican Rand Paul’s Brownshirts Assault and Stomp the Head of a Moveon.org Woman [Blue Bluegrass via Buzzfeed]

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