Reason for the Unseasonably Warm Weather: ‘Landicane’ Passing Through New York


While New Yorkers reluctantly peeled off their autumnal layers and gave a symbolic fist bump to the Obama administration for its inaction on global warming, a record-breaking cyclone — the more direct cause of the unseasonable weather — pushed its way through the Midwest. According to weather reports, the “landicane” is headed in our general direction. In fact, you may have already experienced its results, which are disappointingly mild since the storm’s center will stay hundreds of miles away in Canada. Forecasts predicted a “slight risk” of severe weather including morning thunderstorms and winds up to 50 mph, with lower winds in the afternoon and chances of rain for the next day or so. As much as we really love saying the word landicane (it sounds like an ointment or a Puritan Christmas candy, no?), we hope this passes soon, because it’s cutting into our precious few weeks of fall.

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