Rick Sanchez Apologizes, But Fox News And MSNBC Are Still ‘Not Interested’


Rick Sanchez's publicist released a statement today on behalf of the former CNN anchor, who was fired after making biased comments about Jon Stewart and, um, media higher-ups of the Jewish persuasion. Sanchez says he apologized to Stewart on Tuesday and wanted his extend his apology to the public:

As Jon was kind enough to note in his show Monday night, I am very much opposed to hate and intolerance, in any form, and I have frequently spoken out against prejudice. Despite what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.

Even after the apology, Fox News and MSNBC both told The Wrap that they were not interested in hiring Sanchez, despite Internet speculation that Fox might be might a good landing spot for the suddenly out-of-work anchor. In a spate of bad timing, Sanchez's wife recently revealed on her Facebook page that the couple had just purchased a lakefront home.

On Monday's episode of the Daily Show, Stewart showed footage of Sanchez from August calling a neo-Nazi "a bigot" and talking about America's divisive obsession with race. We're pretty sure there are people who would both take a neo-Nazi to task and engage in "intemperate statements and some banal jew-baiting," as Stewart describes Sanchez's comments. But his message is clear: It might not be as bad as everyone (some people, definitely not us, though) initially made it out.

The rumor that Sanchez was already on his way out in the wake of former CNN president Jonathan Klein's ouster from the company has been circling the Sanchez story. On Business Insider, Chez Pazienza, an ex-CNN producer, who worked with Sanchez on American Morning lends some credence to the gossip.

Apparently Jon Klein, the man who was largely responsible for CNN's well-documented slide from serious to ridiculous, also fell under the spell of Sanchez's wide-eyed enthusiasm, inexhaustible energy and complete lack of respect for the traditional way of doing things, figuring they were just what was needed to shake things up at stodgy old CNN. The trouble was a lot of people eventually saw Rick Sanchez as the personification of every embarrassing thing Klein was doing to the once-revered network; the fact that Sanchez himself willfully thumbed his nose at the elitist ethos plastered into the walls at a place like CNN didn't help matters.

. . . So with that in mind, when Jon Klein, Rick Sanchez's personal Medici family at CNN, finally got shown the door two weeks ago, the clock may very well have begun ticking on the career of the man Klein even took the time to laud in his goodbye message to the newsroom. Maybe Ken Jautz and the new management were just looking for an excuse to get rid of him and, never one to disappoint, Sanchez slapped a giant banana cream pie of an excuse right in their faces.

Sanchez ended his statement with the line, "In the meantime, I will continue to promote my book, Conventional Idiocy, in the hopes of broadening the discussion to get a better understanding between all Americans, regardless of race, creed or religion." Mental note to future self: never title a book with a description that could later be used against us.

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