Sandra Lee Is Dressing Up Like a Ren Faire Wench for Halloween


Actually, three different types of Renaissance Faire wenches, the Semi-Homemade host and live-in companion of would-be governor and current Attorney General Andrew Cuomo tells Popeater:

When you watch my show this Sunday, we're going to open the show with a young Queen Elizabeth I on a royal barge coming in from a pond, a huge, huge pond, greeted by an entire court of people who are also dressed. Then I turn into Lady Mary Anne, more like Angelina Jolie meets Lady Mary Anne, a horse, I'm actually riding a horse and jousting, and I knock a guy on his tushy. And then I do some cooking for the merry men that live in the forest. Then I'm Robin Hood; I have a bow and arrow and I actually shoot it!

Ladies and gentlemen, the next First Lady of New York.

A 'Semi-Homemade' Halloween With Sandra Lee [Popeater]