Save the Last Dance Enemy Jim Russell Sues People for Calling His Racist Views Racist


Jim Russell, the disgraced GOP House candidate in Westchester — who penned an article warning of the evils of interracial mixing and movies like Save the Last Dance, and then gave a really sweaty and nervous interview about it that made us uncomfortable for days — is suing various journalists and Republican officials for $1 million each because they “smeared his name” by pointing out how racist he is.

The lawsuit names Journal News columnist Phil Reisman, reporter Leah Rae and political cartoonist Matt Davies. It also named John Goff of News 12, Richard French of RNN, Justin Elliott of, Douglas Colety of the Westchester Republican Party, Alexander Carey of the state Republican Party and Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Russell claims that it’s an “unhealthy and un-American situation” when “intimidated individuals do not express themselves freely out of fear of being labeled by the media.” As opposed to, say, “appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage,” which are as American as Ronald Reagan taking a bite out of a Fourth of July cheesecake, at a rodeo, on top of Mount Rushmore.

Russell sues journalists, GOP leaders [LoHud]