An Even Sexier Russian Hacker Is Still on the Loose


Yesterday, we met hot Russian babe Kristina Svechinskaya, who is not only very pretty but also among the 37 people charged with participating in an Eastern European–based bank-hacking scheme in which $3 million was stolen from the bank accounts of small businesses and private individuals. But what’s sexier than a college co-ed who stole $35,000 from strangers and then cried about it in court? A busty, blonde Russian hacker who’s still on the lam! Meet Kristina Izvekova, 22, pictured, a “sexy coed” who acted as a “money mule,” helping overseas hackers use a computer virus to gain access to individuals’ bank account numbers and PINs, then transfer cash into accounts set up by Izvekova and her cronies. Izvekova used a fake Greek passport to set up the bank accounts here in New York this summer, but when she wasn’t committing crimes, the Daily News will have you know, she was “frolicking at the beach and posing at New York icons like the ‘Love’ sculpture on Sixth Avenue.” Sure, her beauty is less subtle than teary-eyed Svechinskaya’s. But at least she’s sexy enough to flee the country in time and not get caught.

Feds on hunt for curvy, blond beauty Kristina Izvekova in cyber scam [NYDN]