What Body Type Is Out for Fall?


Time was, all men were buff and strong, hunting, gathering, and whatnot. Then, ten years ago, Hedi Slimane at Dior got it in people's thick heads that men who resembled strung-out waifs were actually chic and sexy and urbane. But just like fashion trends, trend pieces must be recycled every few years, and now the Times tell us that the recession has brought about the sudden resurgence of "manly" men, at long last. The piece is filled with vaguely offensive reassertions of this thesis:

“Men have always been defined by their jobs — always,” said Joe Levy, the editor in chief of Maxim.

Always. So you'd better show that you have a job at all right now. And you might think that looking like a corporate fat cat would be totally passe, but then you'd be wrong:

“It’s also, like comfort food, about the economy,” said said Sam Shahid, creative director of Shahid & Company. “Look back to movies during the Depression, and all you saw was real guys like James Cagney. In tough times, people want a strong man.”

Real guys. And you know who is skinny, anyway? Twinks. That's who.

“The twink thing seems over,” said Jim Nelson, the editor of GQ. “When people open GQ, I don’t want them to feel like they’re looking at clothes on 16-year-olds.”

So if you were born with the wrong kind of body, guys, you're no longer the toast of the fashion set or the Times. Now they want "real men," so either buff up, or just wait a couple of years until the trend piece on how looking hirsute and muscular is so 2010.

From Boys to Men [NYT via Gawker]