Steve Jobs, Journalism’s Editor-in-Chief


The folks who develop iPad apps for magazines and newspapers have a higher power to answer to than the Bill Kellers, Sulzberger Jrs., Les Hintons, and Robert J. Thomsons of the world. Steve Jobs expressed his distaste for the New York Times’ limited-access “Editors’ Choice” app earlier this year as part of his Insulting Your Crummy iPad App tour of American newsrooms, which also helicoptered in for a surprise performance at Rupert Murdoch’s California ranch. To make sure they got the message, the Times app, once featured front and center on full-page Apple magazine ads, was left off the “News” section of the store for weeks after it premiered. After disappearing for a couple of days earlier this week, a revamped, presumably Jobs-approved version is out today. That Scott Dadich tongue bath is starting to make more sense to us now.

Steve Jobs Hated The New York Times iPad App–So They Made A New One [Business Insider]