Subway Station Cell-Phone Service Arriving Ahead of Schedule


Six of the city’s subway stations will be fully equipped for cell phone (and Wi-Fi) service by the end of next year, about six months earlier than had been anticipated. Transit Wireless CEO Chris Jaeger said he expects all 277 underground stations to be cell-phone-friendly by the end of 2016. The six stations that will be wired first? The five beneath West 14th Street on the A/C/E, L, 1/2/3, V, and F lines, with the sixth at the C/E station at 23rd Street. While it will be nice to be able to send texts while standing on the platform, we suppose, the only thing that could be worse than waiting for a late train is waiting for a late train while listening to all kinds of strangers yakking away on their phones.

Six subway stations to get WiFi in months; the rest to follow soon, says MTA boss Jay Walder [NYDN]