New Yorkers Grudgingly Admit City Is ‘Livable’


True, the rent is too damn high, there are rats everywhere, and occasionally the smell of actual human feces will fill your nostrils for like twenty seconds at a time, but 84 percent of New Yorkers are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the city, according to a “livability survey” conducted by the Municipal Art Society of New York. Mostly because we’re so jaded, we can’t imagine life would be that much better anywhere else. “It’s the only place we would want to be, so in that way, we are satisfied,” Municipal Art Society president Vin Cipolla told the Times. “Compared with other parts of the nation, unemployment is lower here. In terms of the foreclosure rate nationally, we’re No. 72 out of 366 markets. So relatively speaking, we’re faring a little better.”

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