Talk Box: It’s Already Over for Democrats (on Cable News)


Most cable talkers agree that the Democrats are definitely going to lose control of the House of Representatives and that the Republicans, backed by an untamed tea party, might even manage to take the Senate. Hardball’s Chris Matthews believes the suburbs meant doom for the Dems, no matter what, and tea-party leader Dana Loesch tells Eliot Spitzer that she’ll be just as hard on Speaker Boehner as she was on Speaker Pelosi. Wrapping things up with some GOP-controlled Senate scenarios, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and Keith Olbermann foresee Mitch McConnell inheriting an uncontrollable majority that will lead to a political “wet dream” of gridlock for the White House, and New York Magazine’s own John Heilemann tells the Morning Joe crew that McConnell’s promise to focus on limiting the President to one term will completely backfire. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.