Talk Box: Kentucky Reminds Chris Matthews of Thirties Germany


Since Rachel Maddow’s fast-paced chat with Joe Miller was a bust, representative Lauren Valle, who got her head stomped on by Rand Paul supporter Tim Profitt outside a Kentucky Senate debate, was the big get on cable news last night and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann snagged the interview. Vale told Olbermann that she will proceed with a “legal process” against the involved parties and clarified that she wasn’t trying to harm Paul, she was just holding up a sign. Things got heated over at The Ed Show as Ed Schultz tussled with Republican strategist John Feehery after Feehery said he believes that Jack Conway’s much criticized “Aqua Buddha” ad is what caused the violence, and Chris Matthews won the awkward-pause-of-the-night award when he commented that the incident reminded him of “the thirties, in another country,” and then threw to poor Chuck Todd, who could only respond by saying, “Look, it’s getting out of hand.” Watch our regular cable-news roundup to see what you missed.