Talk Box: Sorry, Dems, Obama’s Daily Show Stint Wasn’t About Helping You


The pundits took turns dissecting Barack Obama’s big appearance on The Daily Show, with some, like the cast of Parker Spitzer, fixated on Jon Stewart calling the president “dude,” and others seeing an early start to Team Obama’s 2012 campaign. On Fox News, former English teacher (?!) Bill O’Reilly was “outraged” that the two didn’t realize Obama’s “heckuva job” slip wasn’t really a pun, and Laura Ingraham was disappointed that Stewart chose not to go in for the kill when he had the chance. Over at MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan really didn’t care for the president’s ringing endorsement of Larry Summers, and Joe Scarborough agrees with John Meacham that the only reason Obama sat down with Jon Stewart was to help out the Committee to Re-Elect the President. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.