Was the Unidentified ‘Whore’ Whisperer Jerry Brown’s Wife?


Last week, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown put his honor as a gentleman on the line in order to teach the world a lesson about hanging up the phone completely. Now Fox News has a source who claims that the “unidentified adviser,” who was overheard calling Brown’s opponent Meg Whitman a “whore,” was none other than Brown’s wife Anne. We listened to the recording a few more times, but it’s still hard to discern who first said the word, so we’ll defer to the testimony Fox gathered from “people with knowledge of what happened.”

At the time of the recording, Anne’s husband was leaving a voice mail to request an endorsement from the Los Angeles Police Protective League. Brown’s wife, a former executive at the Gap, picked that particular term to express her distaste for Whitman’s endorsement-friendly deal to protect law-enforcement pensions. Whitman’s camp called the recording an insult to both Whitman and the women of California. Now how’s Jerry Brown gonna show the public he can keep his woman in line without looking like even more of a misogynist?

Source: Brown’s wife called Whitman a ‘whore’ [Fox News via ABC]
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