Tiger Mistress Is Selling Sex Stories About Him in Order to Save the World


One of Tiger Woods's alleged mistresses, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, an escort turned Playboy model originally from the Bronx, has written a book. Though the title, The Real Diary: Lessons From the Good Time Girl to Champion, promises something of a how-to manual, the book also reveals details about the golfer's sexual proclivities — such as that he "liked girl-on-girl action," reports the Post, which got ahold of what we suspect is the unedited manuscript. "As a love and sexual partner he is largely endowed and safe sex with him was definitely champion status," Ferriolo writes.

"When I was having my relationship with Tiger. I was like on the seventh cloud especially from a sexual perspective," she raves, apparently confusing Cloud 9 with seventh heaven. "There is at least no doubt about the fact that Tiger was awesome in bed."

Ferriolo also abolishes doubt about what motivated her to write the book, which will be published next month.

"My diary also reveals intimate secrets and details that can save millions [of] people worldwide. I have slept with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet."

And you thought she was just doing it for the money and attention. Cynical you.

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