Young Greenwich Man Shuns Wall Street to Become Plushie Advocate


"Growing up in Greenwich, it was just expected that I'd go into Wall Street," 23-year-old Matt McCarty tells the Business Insider today. But as he watched his peers file onto Metro North trains every day, he realized that the dog-eat-dog financial world wasn't for him. What he really wanted, in his heart of hearts, was what every young man on the cusp of adulthood desires: to stay at home and play with teddy bears with his mom.

Unlike many other people, McCarty followed through on this plan.

He helped his mom create Zylie the Bear, a teddy bear that "travels the world wearing cute clothes," and is now a partner in the company. To be sure, getting involved with the "plush market," was a decision Matt, pictured at left in a pink shirt, wrestled with: "I thought, do I really want to be a guy working in the toy business?" He suspected working in what is called the "plush market" would present a social challenge, and he was right. "At first I was getting skeptical looks from people when I told them what I do for a living." But after a while, he learned to embrace the Lifestyle.

"There's never any coverage of this world. The only time the plush market was popularized was with the Beanie Babies craze," he explains.

"I started focusing on how to use the web and all the tools available on it to build this brand," he says. "Looking at it that way, it doesn't feel weird, because it's just like any other startup."

And a lot of other start-ups are guys at home with their moms! Right?

Meet Matt McCarty, The Greenwich Guy Who Ditched Wall Street To Make Teddy Bears With His Mom [Business Insider]