White House Staff Presents Rahm Emanuel With Dead Fish Upon Departure


I talked to the policy team and we wanted to give you a going away present,” said Austan Gooslbee, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, at the White House this morning. He handed Rahm Emanuel, the outgoing chief of staff, a package. “It’s just something to show how we feel about you, but also shows we understand your new possibilities.” Emanuel unwrapped the present. “This is a dead fish,” he said. “To most people it looks like a dead fish,” Goolsbee noted. “But to a future Mayor of Chicago, it looks like a dead Asian Carp.” Emanuel cackled. “In Chicago,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs later explained to the press corps, “this is how friends say goodbye.”

White House Staff Gives Rahm Emanuel Dead Fish as Parting Gift [CBS News]