Who’s Behind the Ad Telling Latino Voters Not to Vote?


Democratic Latino voters could easily be forgiven for mistaking the new television ad making its way around Nevada as a message from like-minded liberals frustrated with the party’s inaction. “President Obama and the Democratic leadership made a commitment that immigration reform would be passed within a year. But two years have gone by and nothing, not even a vote in Congress.” That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! “With a Democratic president and supermajorities in both chambers of Congress, they have no excuses.” None! None at all! Okay, maybe some, but whatever, let’s move on. “Aren’t you tired of politicians playing games with your future?” Tired? I can barely keep my eyes open. “Do you really think it will be different this time?” Does Sharron Angle think at all? Okay, so what do we do about this? “Don’t vote this November, this is the only way to send them a clear message. Don’t. Vote.” Yeah, that’ll show … Wait, huh?

The ad’s unexpected suggestion comes courtesy of Robert de Posada, founder of Latinos for Reform, who told TPM he’s become equally frustrated with both parties. It sure seems like one more than the other, though. De Posada once served as Dick Armey’s co-director of Americans for Border and Economic Security and supports no amnesty, heightened border security, and employee verification. The website for Latinos for Reform lists its address as a P.O. box manned by Susan Arceneaux, a player in the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, but De Posada says that’s a mistake. Clearly, what would he have in common with a group trying to hijack an election with misleading ads?

Maker Of Ad Telling Latinos Not To Vote Has Long History In GOP [TPM DC]