Williamsburg Hipsters Are Finding Jesus


The Post pulls through with a solid weekend trend piece. On Sunday evenings, “on the gritty south side of Williamsburg,” the Hispanic Lutheran Church transforms “into a hipster religious revival with plenty of fashion but no irony,” and the congregation has grown five-fold over the past few years. The Reverend, a friend of Sufjan Stevens, is in a band, and the aisles are reportedly filled with artists. Live jazz accompanies the ceremony, but “the holy hipsters are serious about Christ.” Travis Johnson, a 28-year-old who rigs music equipment for Nine Inch Nails, explained: “I feel at home here.” This is semi-plausible! Those oft-emotionally unstable but well-coiffed cool kids need some real community, after all. And with “plenty of red wine” flowing, the service sounds kind of fun.

Holy hipsters flock to church [NYP]