A 26-Year-Old From Brooklyn Is Mayor of the Four Seasons


The boldfaced names that gather daily at The Four Seasons in Manhattan may think that they're important, that they're on top, that they own the room. Little do they know, someone has snatched their seat of power from right underneath them —without their even knowing it.

At the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan, a favorite of power-brokers-of-a-certain-age, the mayor is Gary He, a 26-year-old photographer from Brooklyn. "No one else there is on Foursquare so I'm mayor," he says. Mr. He explained the game to Alex von Bidder, the restaurant's managing director. "I had no idea what Foursquare was and still really don't," Mr. von Bidder says. When bartenders learned Mr. He was mayor, they brought him a plate of free cookies.

Your move, Schwarzman, Kravis, Cuomo.

A World in Which You Can Be Mayor [WSJ]