After Buying Powerball Ticket at a Detroit Porn Shop, Friends Win Over $120 Million


Detroit’s Mike Greer was killing time yesterday with a few undisclosed friends at the local Uptown Book Store, a fancy-sounding adult novelty store that shares a space with the Deja Vu strip club. It was just another afternoon in Highland Park, a town in which Greer, 49, was increasingly ennui-stricken, a place where nothing ever changes. Except yesterday was different: When Greer and his buddies chipped in on yet another Powerball ticket at the porn shop, they won $125 million, the largest single-day payout since the Michigan Lottery began thirty-eight years ago. Greer claimed the prize on behalf of the group, and he opted for the lump sum. He said: “Everything has changed and nothing has changed.” No, more like everything. [CNN, AP]