AIG CEO: ‘This Ship Ain’t Going to Sink’


Tough-talking AIG CEO Robert Benmosche has a few words for the haters in today's Wall Street Journal: "Many people were saying we're a ward of the state, that there's no way we could pay back the taxpayers. But if you do an analysis, this is at least a $70 billion company and we will have about 1.8 billion shares," he says. "If we hit another perfect storm, this ship ain't going to sink." And the company will pay back its multibillion-dollar loan. Even if the CEO, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has to work until the day he dies. Literally.

If I thought I would die in three weeks, I would have said to Steve [Robert S. "Steve" Miller, AIG's chairman]: Look, I need to be out of here in three weeks.

That's dedication.

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