Also, That Guy Kipton Cronkite Married Was His Boss


Avenue’s Peter Davis notes that Kipton Cronkite is listed as a sales associate on his new husband Laurence Kaiser’s brokerage website. Meanwhile, “Page Six” says socialites are “outraged” over the match. Sources tell them Cronkite was living with his 22-year-old boyfriend, Zev Eisenberg, of the Berkshire Hathaway Eisenbergs, three weeks before his wedding to Kaiser. In fact, Kipton’s own publicist says that the two of them broke up on October 22 — less than a month before Kipton married his 69-year-old hubby. “Wow! Kipton Kronkhite (note real name) finally found the millionaire he can dance to death on his wedding night,” sniped socialite Emma Snowden-Jones on her Facebook page yesterday. “He must be laughing all the way to the bank.” As for Kaiser, he says: “I am nobody’s fool, Kipton and I are in a real relationship and everyone should stop gossiping.” If that’s what you really want, maybe next time don’t call “Page Six” to announce your secret speedy wedding?

Socialites outraged that Kipton Cronkite married Laurence Kaiser weeks after his breakup with student [NYP]
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