And Now, Watch Sarah Palin Smack a Giant Fish in the Head


In week two of what can only be the greatest hybrid of Deadliest Catch meets the guest segments of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin was at it again in her reality miniseries, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. This week, Mama Grizzly was out deep-sea fishing with Bristol to have some quality mother-daughter time. And what better way to do that than off the coast of Homer, Alaska, by clubbing a giant halibut repeatedly? Bristol expressed some trepidation, but Mama Grizzly went all Monty Python on that fish and slapped some halibut silly.

Sarah and Todd also took Bristol to the shooting range to help her gain perspective on life, which she might need after her stint on Dancing With The Stars. While Bristol’s clutching a riffle, Palin tells a darling anecdote about how she had her first baby shower at the shooting range. “And I love to share that story,” she says, “because it gets the liberals all wee-wee’d up.” There were, of course, other memorable segments, including Palin’s Republican workout socks, Palin telling her kayak guide that he “look[s] like Jesus,” and Palin expressing general feelings of embitterment toward her husband, Todd, for beating her at just about everything. Watch the video to see the highlights and some serious Alaskan fish violence.