Anderson Cooper Was Unaware That His Mother Has a Life-Size Cutout of Him in Her Living Room


Last month in our Home Design issue, New York featured Gloria Vanderbilt in her apartment, including a photo of her posing with a painting of her mother and a life-size cardboard cutout of her son, Anderson Cooper. We ran into the latter pair at a book party for the new book The World of Gloria Vanderbilt (written by our own Wendy Goodman!) last night at the new Ralph Lauren mansion on Madison Avenue. “I was unaware she had a life-size cutout of me,” Manderson told us. “I’m not sure how she got it, but I’m not entirely thrilled she has it, either. But, you know, what are you going to do?” Since Cooper is in the process of renovating a former firehouse, we felt this would be the perfect opportunity to see if his interior design matches his mother’s influential taste. “I really don’t have good taste myself, so my mom has always been a big influence in terms of the way I see things,” he explained. “[But] her stuff tends to be very feminine and it’s not the type of stuff I would want in my place.”

Anderson’s buddy Kathy Griffin, feminist Gloria Steinem, Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, and Uma Thurman were also on hand to celebrate. “My latest special just premiered two nights ago,” Griffin boasted. “It’s called Whores on Crutches, because I feel whores need love, too. And when I saw a couple of girls on crutches, I thought: ‘That’s going to sound great if I get nominated for an Emmy.’”

Later in the evening, Griffin accosted Gloria Steinem. “I believe you said commit an act of outrageousness everyday?” “An outrageous act every day, right,” replied Steinem. “Unfortunately, I took her seriously,” Griffin said to us. “So it’s kind of gotten me in trouble.”