In Midst of Lambasting Rattner, Cuomo Pitches New Law & Order Spinoff


In responding to a letter from disgraced financier-politico Steven Rattner — who in a recent letter obtained by the New York Times called the attorney general's case against him “misconceived” and “wholly untethered from the facts” and likened it to "extortion" on Charlie Rose — Andrew Cuomo's office hit back hard, calling Rattner’s conduct “the most egregious of all the actions in the New York pay-to-play scam," in a statement. "We demand he repay New Yorkers," he said. Then he threw this in, for good measure.

“In New York,” Mr. Cuomo’s office added, “there is a justice system even for rich, powerful, and politically connected people.”

!!!! Did anyone else hear the sound of an unmistakable chung chung?

How can Dick Wolf resist its call? We have to admit, Cuomo's pretty good. He's going to get this city revenue one way or another.

Rattner Assails Cuomo Offer [DealBook/NYT]
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