Andrew Cuomo Sounds Like a Fun Boss


Are you a young, eager political operative or civil servant hoping to join Andrew Cuomo in his quest to reform Albany forever? You may want to know what you're getting into first. In a Times profile, Cuomo is presented as a demanding boss with high expectations, someone who garners respect or resentment from his subordinates and colleagues, depending on who you're asking. Sometimes, he can get a little carried away, in a psychotic sort of way.

He makes people cry.

Mr. Cuomo’s general counsel, a White House appointee, was worn to tears by constant, combative interactions with Mr. Cuomo, according to three former HUD officials.

He ignores you completely if you displease him.

“When he is angry because he feels someone is not performing, you cease to exist to him, in the hall or in meetings,” said one lawyer who described having experienced this treatment and spoke anonymously so as not to be seen publicly criticizing the governor-elect. “Like you’re a ghost.”

Worst of all, he forces his aides to spend car trips memorizing boring facts about towns in upstate New York.

Emily Browne, a former press aide at the attorney general’s office, recalled traveling through the Hudson Valley with Mr. Cuomo when he began encyclopedically reeling off historical facts about the towns they drove through, their settlements, buildings, fairs, along with details about the life of Henry Hudson. Then he began quizzing her to see how much she retained of his descriptions.

This was reportedly an eight-hour car ride. Eight. Hours.

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