Apple Finally Lets Google Voice on the iPhone


After the FCC’s extended investigation into why Apple blocked the Google Voice app from the iPhone (because Apple had an inferior calling system it wanted to promote, duh), Google’s phone app is finally available for purchase. Neither Google nor Apple will comment on why the new app got approved and not the previous HTML version that users had to access through their iPhone web browser. But we feel like maybe months of questioning from the FCC had something to do with it. The app replaces your iPhone’s phone capabilities with Google Voice, allowing users to synch several phone numbers into one, make cheap international calls, send free texts to U.S. numbers, get transcripts of voice mails, and more. But before you get overheated from all the telephonic freedom now on your Apple touchscreen, please consider this verbatim transcript from Intel Nitasha’s last Google Voice message. After listening to the actual recording, we can tell you that this reflects what was said in the voice mail exactly zero percent: “Hi noon. It’s me. I think that it’s Friday. Eva actually this is like this. V HI. Anyway, I’m just calling to see. Hey, hey man Yeah, hey. Hey Pete Pete.” Seriously, auto-correct’s got nothing on the transcriber bots.

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